Gulf Region – Section 52 Licence Application Form - 2023

Section 1 : Instructions to client
  1. Fill in the form with the requested information. The request will be processed more efficiently if more information and complete details are supplied.
  2. When requested to do so, choose the application type and continue with the additional requested information.
  3. Please attach any maps, images or other documents that are relevant to the application.
  4. ** Please note that the service standard for this type of request is 30 business days once all the required information is received from the applicant.
  5. If the proposed activity has the potential of introducing live fish into fish habitat or transfer live fish to or between fish rearing facilities, applicants may require a licence pursuant to Section 56 of the Fishery (General) Regulations. Additional information concerning the application process and provincial contacts can be found here: Introductions and transfers (
  6. Other Federal or Provincial authorizations may be required to perform certain activities. It is the responsibility of the applicant to research and ensure that the proper authorizations are issued prior to beginning activities.
Section 2 : General application
Applicant information
Identical Past licences

If this request is for activities for which a licence has been issued in the past, please list the most similar and most recent past licence(s) below to facilitate the reference to these documents and improve efficiency of the processing of the request.

A summary report is required for past activities. Future licences will not be issued prior to receiving this summary report. These reports need to be completed within the template sent to you with your licence and needs to be returned via email .

Download : Section 52 Activity Reporting Form

Licence holder name Licence number Operations
Purpose of the project or request
Areas of activities
Chart Datum used
  • *Coordinates must be expressed in degrees/minutes/seconds (DMS) or decimal degrees (DD)
North Latitude Coordinates West Longitude Coordinates Operations
List of individuals working under the authority of the licence holder
Name Organization Cell / Phone Operations

Specify the species, quantities and intentions to meet the needs of the activities.

Species Size / Description Number to be caught to be Released Number to be caught to be sampled Number to be caught to be Retained Number to be caught to be disposed /destroyed Operations
Gear Specifics / Details Mesh Size Number of units / gears Gear will be tended Y/N Operations
Vessel identification

Only vessels registered with DFO or Transport Canada need to be identified below.

Vessel Name VRN (DFO issued Vessel Registration Number) Operations
Period of activity
Specify when each activity will take place. To avoid duplicate licence requests, several blocks of activities can be bulked under one licence if the activities are identical or very similar and are during the same calendar year.
Activity / Comments Start Date : YYYY-MM-DD End Date : YYYY-MM-DD Operations
Additional Information
Section 3 : Application type, please choose one of the following
Section 4 : Signature and attachments
Sign above
Upload requirements