Before you start fishing, you will need...

National Online Licensing System (NOLS) User ID and Password
If you have used NOLS in the past and have lost your User ID and/or Password, please contact Client Support by email at: or by toll-free telephone at: 1-877-535-7307.

When applicable:

  • Pay commercial fish harvester registration fee in NOLS
  • Pay vessel registration fee(s) in NOLS
  • Pay licence renewal fee(s) in NOLS
  • Ensure all vessel-based licences have a vessel attached
    A vessel-based licence will not be available to print in NOLS if a vessel is not attached.
  • Print ALL required documents
    Paper copies of valid licensing documents must be on your person or vessel while fishing. If a document that you require is not available for printing in NOLS, please contact the regional licensing office by email at or by submitting a request in NOLS.
  • Read your licence conditions
    Licence conditions contain management measures applicable to a given fishery. It is therefore important to be familiar with their content. These conditions may also require you to make other arrangements prior to fishing such as acquiring tags and/or logbooks, setting up agreements for Vessel Monitoring System (VMS), Dockside Monitoring or At sea observers.
  • Ensure your crew members are ready to fish
    Crew members must be registered in NOLS and have paid their registration fee prior to fishing. They must also carry a paper copy of their fish harvester registration document during any fishing activity.


Paying of fees and printing of documents in NOLS should be done well ahead of the opening of the fishery. Allow processing time of 2 to 3 weeks.