Prince Edward Island

Map of Prince Edward Island

The Prince Edward Island (PEI) area coincides with the province’s geographical boundaries. It is the province with the highest percentage of total gross domestic product attributed to fishing and hunting in Canada. Shellfish aquaculture is second to lobster in landed values by species within the PEI fishing sector. The mussel industry is responsible for approximately eighty percent (80%) of Canadian mussel production and seventy-one percent (71%) of North American production.

How to reach us:

Department of Fisheries and Oceans
165 John Yeo Drive
Charlottetown, PE
C1E 3J3
Fax: 902-566-7848

Charlottetown office

Contacts for P.E.I.:

  • Area Director:
    • 902-566-7810
  • Aquaculture:
    • 902-566-7996
  • Conservation & Protection:
    • 902-314-7420
  • Licensing Services:
  • Resource Management:
    • 902-566-7844
  • Small Craft Harbours:
    • 902-566-7838