AREA 19 SNOW CRAB - 2011

Based on the Stock Status Report, the biomass estimate for snow crab in the Southern Gulf of St. Lawrence is 30,500 mt. The snow crab in Area 19 is 15.95% of the overall biomass.

30,500 mt(metric tons) *(multiplied by) .1595 = 4,864.75 mt(metric tons)
Exploitation Rate:
35 % as announced on June 15, 2011.
4,864.75 mt(metric tons) *(multiplied by) .35 = 1,702.7 MT(metric tons)
Carried Forward Provision:
On an annual basis, fish harvesters have the opportunity to leave up to 114 kg (250 lbs) of their quota in the water as per the carry forward provision. In 2010, this amount was 2,371kg (5,227 lbs) and was subtracted from the overall quota prior to assigning the kg per trap. This was less than in previous years. This measure is to reduce the potential for fish harvesters to exceed their quota.
Individual Quota:
Boat quota will be directly related to the number of trap shares held by a fish harvester. The TAC is divided by the 1,699 traps in the fishery, equals 1,001 kg per trap share.

18 traps = 18,018 kg
4 traps = 4,004 kg
3 traps = 3,003 kg
Quota Reconciliation:
Any fish harvester who exceeds his / her quota will have their quota reduced in 2012 by the same amount.
Regular Season:
July 13th, 2011 at 05:00 hrs to September 13th, at 23:59 hrs, 2011.
Fish harvesters are not permitted to have crab on board until July 14th at 05:00 hrs.
Soft / White Shelled Crab:
The soft / white shelled protocol will be status quo as in 2010 with 9 sectors and no voluntary closures. All closures in 2011 will be mandatory. The protocol for 211 is outlined below:
  1. Daily report for soft / white shelled crab percentages will be sent to the association when the average percentage of soft/white shelled crab exceeds 10%.
  2. Consistent with the soft shell protocol below, should the incidence of soft/white shelled crab (durometer readings less than 72 units) taken at sea exceed 20 % for a 10 day period the following action will be taken:
    • The sector will close by Variation Order for the remainder of the season.
Communication of Soft / White Shelled Closures:
  1. Where a Variation Order is issued closing a sector, notice of the Variation Order shall be given by broadcasting the notice over a marine radio station. Fish harvesters are reminded that it is their responsibility to regularly monitor their marine radio for upcoming closures and to ensure that all fishing gear is removed from a closing sector prior to commencement of the closure.
  2. Fish harvesters can view the soft / white shelled crab reports online at Snow Crab Information Website - Home. Also, fish harvesters can receive free electronic notification of variation orders by subscribing online at Join our Orders Subscription List.
  3. The Association will strive to alert their membership as efficiently as possible.
Trap Limit:
The maximum number of traps in 2011 in the fishery is 1,699.
For the 2011 season only, fish harvesters will be permitted to transfer their allocation, one time, before the season begins. Fish harvesters are permitted to combine 26 trap share allocations per vessel. Fish harvesters who transfer their allocation, are not required to be on board during fishing.
Fish harvesters are permitted to pool their allocations. An operator per licence is required to be on board during fishing. Fish harvesters are permitted to combine up to 26 trap allocations per vessel.
One hundred sixty (160) permanent license holders.
Observer Coverage:
Ten (10) observers for each day of the fishery
License Fees:
Fee is $137 per MT minus 40% or $1,000 whichever is the lessor.

Prepared by: Leroy MacEachern
Chief, Resource Management
Gulf Nova Scotia