Scallop Recreational Fishing Plan in the Southern Gulf of St. Lawrence

May 10, 2016


This fishing plan applies to the recreational harvesting of scallop in the Gulf Region in Scallop Fishing Areas 21A, 21B, 21C, 22, 23, and 24. See Scallop Fishing Areas for maps and coordinates of the scallop fishing areas in the Southern Gulf of St. Lawrence.

Management Measures


May 1 to October 31

Minimum shell height (length)

102 mm (4 inches) - refer to the guide below on how to measure a scallop

Daily fishing limit

50 – Scallop Fishing Areas 21A, 21B, 21C, 22 and 23

100 – Scallop Fishing Area 24



Reporting requirement

It is the responsibility of the licence holder to ensure that all recreational scallop report documents are accurately completed prior to landing at the end of each fishing day and mailed no later than November 30 of the current year to: Fisheries and Ocean Canada, Statistics Division, P. O. Box 5030, Moncton, New Brunswick, E1C 9B6. A nil report must be provided if there was no fishing during the entire season.

General provisions

Scallops must be shucked prior to leaving the fishing site. It is unauthorized to land any part of the scallop except for the adductor muscle, which must remain attached to its one-half of the shell for measurement purposes (all other internal organs, including the roe and the other one-half shell of the scallop, must be discarded on the fishing site).

Fishing areas may be closed at any time due to high bacterial and biotoxin levels. Please call the nearest Conservation and Protection Detachment or check the Gulf Regions Orders Registry for up-to-date openings and closures before harvesting.

Licensing requirement

To obtain a licence, a request has to be made using the National Online Licensing System at If you require assistance, please contact the Client Support by email at or toll free at 1-877-535-7307.

How to measure the shell height of a scallop?

Shell height means the distance from the outer edge of the shell at the midpoint of the hinge to the farthest point on the outer edge of the shell opposite to the hinge, measured in a straight line. The minimum shell height is 102 mm.

Scallop - Height (42366)