Aquatic Invasive Species

Photos of aquatic invasive species in the Gulf Region.

Beware of Marine Invaders!

Aquatic invasive species can attach themselves to boats and hide in gear, invading new areas and harming local fisheries and aquaculture. These species may quickly grow in number, spread to new habitats and drive out native species. They may soon become established to the point where eradication is impossible. You can learn to identify them and help prevent their spread.

What you can do:

  • RECOGNIZE aquatic invasive species.
  • REMOVE aquatic plants and animals from your hull and motor, and dispose of them away from water in proper garbage and compost containers. Then CLEAN, and DRY your boat and all gear.
  • REPORT all sightings of aquatic invasive species to the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) at 1-866-759-6600 or email at
  • DO NOT TRANSFER OR INTRODUCE any fish, shellfish, plants or animals to another watershed. It is necessary to advise DFO of any intention to move fish or shellfish from infested waters by applying for an Introductions and Transfers (I&T) licence.

Please consult the following link on Aquatic Invasive Species for additional information.